2B Louis Ave, Warburton, Victoria, Melbourne, Australia 

2018 The Diamond Light Healing and Workshop Centre

Welcome to The Diamond Light Healing and Workshop Centre, where we bring to you a variety of well-being experts, to enhance your life, assist your awakening on your path, to support you in your growth. 


Sound Healing

Sound Bath

Ph 0449 810 015

Rebecca Croydon

Sound Healing


Forensic Healing 

Ph 0403 337 490

Andrea Simm

Forensic Healer

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Sacred Healing Sessions,
Reiki, Sehkem, Meditations,
Intuitive, Crystals,

Reiki Classes, Meditations


Conscious Women's Events

Workshops, Room Hire,


Ph 0438 706 135



Jennie de Vine

Founder, Reiki Master



Clairvoyant Healing, Reiki,
Seikhem, Crystal Healing,
Access Bars, Theta and Soul Link


Ph 0430 126 064‬



Vicki Bennett

Energy Healing

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