2B Louis Ave, Warburton, Victoria, Melbourne, Australia 

2018 The Diamond Light Healing and Workshop Centre

Heal your Soul Retreat

Gift yourself two days of absolute BLISS at our stunning Retreat Centre deep in the heart of Victoria’s wonderous Warburton Valley.

 Unwind, relax, and heal your heart, mind, body and soul, while being lovingly nurtured in our unique and beautiful Diamond Light Healing Centre. for






Please allow us to support you by contacting us for more information


  • Guided meditations

  • Breath work, connecting to you heart

  • Delicious organic food

  • Stunning nature walks

  • Be truly listened to and supported in our respectful, confidential sharing circles

  • Deeply relaxing private massages or sacred healing sessions

  • Sound Baths

  • Private time for contemplation, creativity and journaling

  • Beautifully facilitated closing sacred circle


Order of relaxation




The following day consists of the same structure however after the walk we take time to process through a issue 


or scheduled dates once a season


Exchange $ 380pp. Group bookings 

9am - 4pm 

an honouring closing circle

time for contemplation and journalling


followed by a deeply relaxing Sound Bath


indulge in a gorgeous lunch with a cornucopia of delights from the Yarra Valley


Sacred Healing Session

Aromatouch Massage


select either a deeply relaxing


followed by a guided meditation and sharing circle


A healthy breakfast to nurture and revitalise
your body 


O'Shannesay Aquaduct trail honouring the
silence and beauty of nature

a walk through the gorgeous


followed by a light meditation, deep breath work, whilst connecting to your heart


We begin joining together with three others in a beautiful honouring circle


Order of relaxation





ourday 'HEAL YOUR SOUL' retreat