2B Louis Ave, Warburton, Victoria, Melbourne, Australia 

2018 The Diamond Light Healing and Workshop Centre

A Day of Transformation

Gift yourself a 6-hour Transformational Healing Workshop totally dedicated to YOU.

Located at our stunning Retreat Centre in the heart of Warburton in beautiful Yarra Valley.

The 6-hour workshop includes:

Working through current issues in your life to allow freedom from what no longer serves you.

You will be guided through this by Jennie de Vine

who has years of knowledge and wisdom in many healing modalities. 

To begin, a time of welcoming and deep connection held with reverence and respect as you are deeply listened to. Jennie will then guide you through process work and life skills to assist you in Healing and working through what comes up.

She will then take you on a beautiful journey deep into the heart of the issues, bringing in unconditional love and transformational healing.

Next, we will enjoy a light morning tea (bliss balls and a cuppa) as we allow the process work to settle and you will then have space to open further discussion.

After this, we enjoy a stroll along our amazing O'Shannassy Aquaduct before we indulge in a luscious

Organic lunch together.

You are then invited to deeply relax in The Emerald Room for a Sacred Healing Session and allow the Universal Healing energies of Reiki, Sekhem and Crystal therapy to cleanse your aura, chakras and energetic bodies enabling healing through the physical, spiritual, emotional, mental aspects of yourself.


This will assist you to feel calmer, lighter and 

deeply relaxed,  it's truly a divine experience.

We finish with deep gratitude for our connection and experience together. 

You will be welcomed to share in discussion over afternoon tea to ground you before your journey home. 

Phone Jennie 0438 706 135


9.00 am - Welcome and Connection

9.30 am - Transformational Healing 

11 am - Light morning tea and discussion

11.30 am -  Sit, journal, breathe in the fresh mountain air

12  - Light stroll along O'Shannassy Aquaduct

12.30 pm- Lunch

1 pm  - 2.30 pm - Sacred Healing Session with Jennie

3 pm - Open discussion over afternoon tea 

4 pm - Farewell

You need to bring:

Water Bottle

Writing Journal

Warm Socks

Comfortable clothes


and advise us of any dietary requirements at least 4 days in advance.