2B Louis Ave, Warburton, Victoria, Melbourne, Australia 

2018 The Diamond Light Healing and Workshop Centre

Healing for a friend

If you love the sound of our Goddess Groups and would like to enhance your experience with your own ideas and some of our other holistic services and sacred offerings, please contact us and we will support you in designing and manifesting your unique and special day. 



For a minimum of 10 people up to a max of 16 we invite you to come along for a special day to remember.


What you can include


A beautifully held women's circle welcoming everyone


A meditation connecting to our hearts


An honouring of your special friend


A beautiful organic lunch with luscious foods
from the local area


Creating a Head Crown with fresh flowers

guided hand massage with
delicious organic hand cream



Private Massage for the Goddess


Foot Massage for the Goddess



Together we nurture each other with a shoulder back massage


We create a memento of the day to give to your special friend


We immerse ourselves in a Sound Bath that brings us to a place of deep relaxation


A special closing circle


on request groups of 10 - 16 onlyprice$