Our Services​

Transformational Sacred Healing Sessions
(Reiki, Sekhem, Crystal, Energy Healing)

 1 1/2 - 2 hours.    $120

Intuitive Tea Leaf and Card Readings,
1 hour.    $ 80

3 Month Transformational program -
payment plan available.     $300

Day of Transformation
 Payment plan available $500

Request a complimentary 20 min chat to see what's
in alignment with you - via phone or email

For your convenience, sessions are offered by distance also

Conscious Women's Events

Peter Hess Sound Massage.    $110

Deluxe Private Sound Healing Sessions.    $135

Sound Healing with Voice      $110

Shamanic Drum Healing      $110

Private Group Sound Bath      $300

Children's Sound Healing.    $60

Past Life Regression      $295


Between Life Regression       $255

Sounds Hypnotic Online Zoom Sessions      $150

Concession card discounts available, please enquire for prices.

Forensic Healing.    $150

Available either at centre or by distance

Tarot Reading 30 minutes     $60

Tarot Reading 60 minutes      $110

Healings 60 minutes.    $110
(Intuitive Clairvoyant, Reiki, Sekhem, Crystal Healing, Access Bars, Soul Link, Chakra Balancing & Clearing)

Healings 90 minutes      $160

Available either at centre or by distance

Ayurvedic Consultations Initial 75 mins $110
Available by distance also


Follow-up 45 mins  $65

Abhyanga/Ayurvedic Massage

60 mins $90 | 90 mins   $130


Swedana/Herbal Steam 15 mins  $15 


Shirodhara 60 mins  $90 + cost of oil


Indian Head Massage 30 mins $50


Pregnancy Massage 60 mins $90| 90 mins $130


Postpartum Massage      60 mins $90 | 90mins $130


Concession and Pensioner discounts available

Counselling in combination with Bush Flower Essences  includes essences and 15 min follow-up phone call   

Available by distance also

1 hour      $110

Naturopathy consultation with Personalised Wellbeing

Plan, with 15 min follow-up phone call


        1 hour $110

Concession and Pension discount available 

Sandy Lee

N.D. (BHSc)

Diamond Light Insights

The Power of Three

Ask us a question, send us a picture of yourself,
 and you will receive 3 card readings,
one from each of us, to assist you with your journey



Send us an email with your picture and question and we'll reply within 48 hours