Our Services​

Transformational Sacred Healing Sessions
(Reiki, Sekhem, Crystal, Energy Healing)

 1 1/2 - 2 hours.    $120

Intuitive Tea Leaf and Card Readings,
1 hour.    $ 80

3 Month Transformational program -
payment plan available.     $300

Day of Transformation
 Payment plan available $500

Request a complimentary 20 min chat to see what's
in alignment with you - via phone or email

For your convenience, sessions are offered by distance also

Conscious Women's Events

Peter Hess Sound Massage.    $110

Deluxe Private Sound Healing Sessions.    $135

Sound Healing with Voice      $110

Shamanic Drum Healing      $110

Private Group Sound Bath      $300

Children's Sound Healing.    $60

Past Life Regression      $295


Between Life Regression       $255

Sounds Hypnotic Online Zoom Sessions      $150

Concession card discounts available, please enquire for prices.

Forensic Healing.    $150

Available either at centre or by distance

Tarot Reading 30 minutes     $60

Tarot Reading 60 minutes      $110

Healings 60 minutes.    $110
(Intuitive Clairvoyant, Reiki, Sekhem, Crystal Healing, Access Bars, Soul Link, Chakra Balancing & Clearing)

Healings 90 minutes      $160

Available either at centre or by distance

Ayurvedic Consultations Initial 75 mins $110
Available by distance also


Follow-up 45 mins  $65

Abhyanga/Ayurvedic Massage

60 mins $90 | 90 mins   $130


Swedana/Herbal Steam 15 mins  $15 


Shirodhara 60 mins  $90 + cost of oil


Indian Head Massage 30 mins $50


Pregnancy Massage 60 mins $90| 90 mins $130


Postpartum Massage      60 mins $90 | 90mins $130


Concession and Pensioner discounts available

Sandy Lee

N.D. (BHSc)

Counselling in combination with Bush Flower Essences  includes essences and 15 min follow-up phone call   

Available by distance also

1 hour      $110

Naturopathy consultation with Personalised Wellbeing

Plan, with 15 min follow-up phone call


        1 hour $110

Concession and Pension discount available 

Diamond Light Insights

The Power of Three

Ask us a question, send us a picture of yourself,
 and you will receive 3 card readings,
one from each of us, to assist you with your journey



Send us an email with your picture and question and we'll reply within 48 hours

Chiropractic Care Prices and bookings 


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Dr Angela Kopp