Sound Healing

Rebecca will assist you to connect with your higher self and open your heart to joy, peace and freedom.

She will guide you to begin to release tension, blockages, fear, anxiety, pain, worries or whatever is holding you back in life. Or, you may simply be wanting some deep relaxation, nurturing and replenishment.

Rebecca has lovingly created a welcoming, confidential, safe, healing oasis for you. Your cares and concerns will begin to melt away as you snuggle down on the comfortable massage table. Allow the healing sound waves and vibrations of her Nepalese singing bowls, crystal bowls, gongs and other soothing and uplifting instruments to gently release stress and tension.

Your healing sound journey begins now...

You and your situation are unique, Rebecca will listen with deep respect to your intention, and design a sound healing session that is especially for you, so you may release, or begin to release, all that no longer serves you, as the soothing sounds bring just what is needed.

"A wonderous journey into oneself, one’s expression. Allowing for total freedom. A journey into your heart and soul, feeding your inner magic, creating a safe space to do so." SD.

"I've had issues with tendinopathy in my ankle for the last 5 months which causes me constant pain. After one sound massage session today, I felt so much tension in my ankle release and I was able to walk and move it with more ease than I have in a long time. Thanks! Lots of love!!!" AC.

Rebecca has a Professional Diploma of Group Sound Therapy, is a qualified Gong Therapist, Peter Hess Sound Massage Practitioner and Reiki Practitioner.
She is currently studying Soul Regression Therapy with the Jackson Institute, at the Australian Academy of Hypnosis Melbourne.
Rebecca is passionate about bringing Sound Therapy Healing to individuals and groups.





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