2B Louis Ave, Warburton, Victoria, Melbourne, Australia 

2018 The Diamond Light Healing and Workshop Centre

Ho'oponopono Healing Prayer

A beautiful Healing Meditation, bringing awareness to the prayer, and healing that can be obtained through it's integration into your life.


Bookings essential.

Held Monday morning 9.15am exchange $10


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Sound Bath

Rest, replenish and receive sonic nurturing as you bathe deeply in the warm and loving frequencies and vibrations of our Nepalese Singing Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Bells,
Chimes and Gongs.


Bookings essential 


Every Thursday night, 7 pm

$20 pp or $15 concession.

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Loving Gaia and
 all within

A divine group meditation held with the intention of sending love and light and healing to beautiful Mother Earth, Gaia, its plants, animals, inhabitants.

Bookings essential.


Held Tuesday nights 7.30pm, exchange $10

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